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Transition to School program

We believe it’s never too early to think about preparing your child for the transition to primary school.

Our transition to school program provides children with a holistic approach to early learning focused on ensuring they receive the correct foundation to feel confident moving to the next stage of their life.

Our dedicated educators will explore and embed school transition topics, including literacy and numeracy awareness, social confidence, physical movement, communication, storytelling, science and mathematics based an intensive 6 monthly rotation program that we have developed, throughout our transition to school program. We encourage families to continue learning at home through a fun and interactive Challenge Book, that links specifically to the classroom program.

By adapting Gardner’s theory of providing diverse learning styles, we provide children with the tools, opportunities and skills to not only be successful learners well into the future, but also to develop and thrive in the rapidly developing world they will be a part of.

Our dedicated transition to school program is divided into 7 key areas guaranteeing children receive a well-rounded education. And while education underpins everything we do, our play-based approach ensures that children are always allowed to be children.


  1. Core: Developing reading, writing and listening skills, is the bedrock of our transition to school program and supports children to become investigative learners well into the future.
  2. Scholar: We provide children with the necessary tools to confidently move to the next stage of life. We pay particular attention to developing the necessary skills required in the Kindergarten room, such as developing language, literacy, numeracy, science, mathematical and gross motor skills.
  3. Wellness: We encourage children to take responsibility for their health through nutrition, healthy hygiene and physical movement programs such as dancing, movement and soccer programs to ensure these skills develop appropriately.
  4. Discovery: We offer children the freedom to learn at their own pace and develop a love of learning, exploration and investigation on their own terms.
  5. Creativity: We encourage children to express themselves and develop strong communication skills through storytelling, music, movement arts, dramatic and tactile play.
  6. Our World: From recycling, gardening, investigation of different cultures and countries and the implementation of sustainability programs, we encourage children to become aware of a world beyond themselves.
  7. Wellbeing: Through small group play, we encourage children to develop a strong sense of identity and support children in building strategies and skills to manage social situations that they may encounter at school through our PALS Social Skills program.

This comprehensive program, provides children with the confidence to transition easily and smoothly into the next stage of their life.


As a family, everything is taken care of as soon as you walk through the centre doors. We provide each child with nappies, wipes, linen, sunscreen, 5 delicious meals, superior facilities and resources, dedicated and engaged educators and a world class daily program focusing on overall wellness, filled with lots of time for fun and exploration.
Our comprehensive offering provides families with peace of mind knowing that their child will be wonderfully taken care of and immersed in educational experiences from the moment they arrive, to the moment they leave the centre.




Tune into Kinderloop

We love nothing more than sharing your child’s progress with you. That’s why we use Kinderloop, an app developed to help educators keep families ‘in the loop’ by capturing and sharing your child’s special moments throughout the day. By simply downloading Kinderloop to your smart phone, you can stay in touch with your child’s milestones, daily activities and events every day.

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Our Values

Open Andhonest

Trust is everything in childcare, and we work hard to earn it. Whether we’re communicating with families or with each other, we’re truthful, respectful and responsive.


We love looking after children – it’s that simple. It’s what drives us to ensure we’re always implementing best practice in everything we do, from qualifications to processes and curriculum. There’s no place for cutting corners!


Always on the front foot, we’re constantly seeking ways to improve what we do. Just like your children, we’re always learning, growing, adapting and evolving.

We Are family

We want Young Academics to feel like a home away from home, so we keep family values at the heart of everything we do. It’s about closeness, trust, unity and teamwork.

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