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Evolution Program

We know that each child is a unique individual and we tailor our Evolution program to ensure they receive a holistic approach to early learning focused on providing developmental, emotional and social support.

Our fundamental philosophy and Evolution program is built on the learning outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and our daily program is divided into 7 key scholar, wellbeing, wellness, creative, core, discovery and global sustainability, guaranteeing children receive a well-rounded education.

No two little learners are the same, so no one learning approach can cater to all children and their eagerness to play, learn and grow. Our Evolution program is versatile and flexible, allowing learning to occur across all ages and abilities. With inspiration from the Reggio Amelia and Gardener approaches, we incorporate both structured and spontaneous learning experiences throughout our daily program, taking into account children’s likes, dislikes and areas of interest to provide an engaging daily program.

Our daily program also fosters Vygotsky’s theory of social development, encouraging opportunities for social learning each and every day. By incorporating permanent staffing in each room, children can build strong and supportive relationships with their room educators, allowing them to develop in a safe and familiar environment.

Building strong partnerships with our families is paramount to our program and we work hard to ensure we provide constant feedback on each child’s progression throughout the year via daily observations on Kinderloop, educator/parent interviews and comprehensive child milestone checklists.


As a family, everything is taken care of as soon as you walk through the centre doors. We provide each child with nappies, wipes, linen, sunscreen, 5 delicious meals, superior facilities and resources, dedicated and engaged educators and a world class daily program focusing on overall wellness, filled with lots of time for fun and exploration.
Our comprehensive offering provides families with peace of mind knowing that their child will be wonderfully taken care of and immersed in educational experiences from the moment they arrive, to the moment they leave the centre.




Tune into Kinderloop

We love nothing more than sharing your child’s progress with you. That’s why we use Kinderloop, an app developed to help educators keep families ‘in the loop’ by capturing and sharing your child’s special moments throughout the day. By simply downloading Kinderloop to your smart phone, you can stay in touch with your child’s milestones, daily activities and events every day.

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Our Values

Open Andhonest

Trust is everything in childcare, and we work hard to earn it. Whether we’re communicating with families or with each other, we’re truthful, respectful and responsive.


We love looking after children – it’s that simple. It’s what drives us to ensure we’re always implementing best practice in everything we do, from qualifications to processes and curriculum. There’s no place for cutting corners!


Always on the front foot, we’re constantly seeking ways to improve what we do. Just like your children, we’re always learning, growing, adapting and evolving.

We Are family

We want Young Academics to feel like a home away from home, so we keep family values at the heart of everything we do. It’s about closeness, trust, unity and teamwork.

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