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Guildford (Opening September 2019)

about Guildford (Opening September 2019) child care centre

Located in the central suburb of Guildford, this upcoming Young Academics Early Learning Centre is accessible to neighbouring residencies, infrastructure, primary schools, and more. Conveniently situated, the centre is tailored to support the learning and development of children aged 6 weeks to 6 years.

Situated in an off-street from Guildford Road, Young Academics Guildford is an early learning centre designed to be thriving in colour, bursting in resources and abundant in facilities. Every inclusion is carefully selected to promote active learning, through a stimulating and supportive early learning/preschool environment.

Every colour, material and resource is integrated to complement our exclusive education programs, encouraging both individual and group thinking. Through a range of open-ended materials and an area dedicated to outdoor learning, our early learning centre turns preschool into a world where nature, learning and growing are synonymous. Improving cognitive and motor skill building, Young Academics Guildford will be a place of beauty and light, transforming the lives and interests of the children who occupy the space.

Inside the preschool centre, the open space is designed to provide children with the opportunity to enrich early learning through hand-picked resources, dedicated art areas, a specified music section, science-focused corners and reading spaces.

Want to know more? Enquire about availability in our Guildford centre or book a future tour of the facility.

we are located at

28-36 Station Street Guildford NSW 2161

Phone: 1300 668 993


We know that each child is a unique individual and we tailor our Evolution program to ensure they receive a holistic approach to early learning focused on providing developmental, emotional and social support.

Our fundamental philosophy is built on the learning outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and our daily program is divided into 7 key guaranteeing children or all ages receive a well-rounded education.

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Our Young Academics centres each have a unique learning environment, built to reflect the locality and the community around them. Each centre is architecturally designed with state of the art facilities and landscapes with a focus on bringing the natural environment in. Our centres are open Monday to Friday, 52 weeks of the year (except for gazetted public holidays).

As families, you can expect Young Academics centres to provide:

  • All nappies, wipes, Avent bottles and sunscreen
  • Access to our Evolution Program including a dedicated transition to school program
  • Brand new, state of the art facilities and resources for all age groups
  • 5 nutritious meals prepared fresh daily by the Centre Cook, with menus designed in collaboration with a child nutritionist
  • Dedicated educators who truly love what they do
  • All cot and bed linen
  • Safe and secure centre with keypad access
  • Daily communication to all families directly to your smart phone via Kinderloop
  • CCS entitlement