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The YA Evolution Programs Prepare Your Kids For Life


At Young Academics, the relationships we build with you and your child are at the heart of everything we do. We aim to assist children in developing a strong sense of identity (EYLF; Learning outcome 1) by taking the time to develop genuine and responsive relationships with each child and create a welcoming learning environment. When children feel supported and safe, they are more confident to explore the world around them and take risks in their learning.

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Our World

It is important for children to connect with, and contribute, to the world around them (EYLF; Learning outcome 2). We encourage children to partake in experiences that broaden their view of the world around and expose them to different cultures and countries. Activities that encourage sustainable practices such as recycling, gardening and composting, allow children to become aware of conservation and a world beyond themselves – becoming active participants in their local and global community to build a sustainable future.



Nutrition, physical wellbeing and overall health are crucial to a child’s development in the early years. At Young Academics, children are encouraged to be responsible for their own health through safe sun practices, healthy eating choices and demonstrating healthy hygiene practices. We integrate specifically designed physical programs, such as dancing, movement and soccer programs, into the daily program to assist with the development of gross motor skills – fundamental to many areas of learning which leads to an overall strong sense of personal wellbeing (EYLF; Learning outcome 3).

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Creative, Core and Discovery

Our core motivation throughout the Evolution Program is to assist children to become confident and involved learners (EYLF; Learning outcome 4). We encourage children to express themselves creatively by including storytelling, music, movement arts and tactile play into their daily learning program. We support children to be investigative learners, embedding learning in children’s interests gathered through child interactions, observations and parent communication, to develop their understanding of literacy and numeracy through a wider sense of the world around them rather than just letters and numbers. As children are now developing in a digital age, we also include hi-tech learning tools into our program for children over 2 years.



Change and new challenges are frequent in a child’s life between the ages of 0-6 years and it is our responsibility to provide children – and their families – with the necessary tools to be able to handle these situations appropriately. When children have the skill to communicate their needs, thoughts and emotions effectively they are able to become more confident in themselves, their abilities and in turn, more engaged in their learning environment with their educators and peers (EYLF; Learning outcome 5). We support and actively prepare children and their families for their transition from the nursery, to toddlers and ultimately through to their transition to school through our Transition Program, so that children feel confident moving into the next stage of their life.

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At Young Academics ELC, we believe early year’s education provides the lifelong foundation to learning, which includes preparing your child for the transition to school through our unique Transition Program.

Our teaching style stems from role modelling and following children’s lead in interest based learning. We provide children the opportunity to be investigative and explorative learners, which includes spontaneous and planned experiences through intentional teaching practices.

We celebrate the diversity of the communities that surround our centres, integrating local topics, community members and events into our curriculum to ensure that children and families feel a part of the community and that the community feels part of our centres.

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